Exceptional extra virgin olive oil with the aroma of black truffle, the Perigord truffle, Tuber melanosporum Vittad.

Its elaboration process is traditional, as it was done in the past, squeezing the juice of the olives in the mill at low temperature, cold, without haste and with good work in each process.

It is a good suggestion as a detail in marriage links, communions, and other events. You can customize the label according to your event.



Ingredients: black truffle extra virgin olive oil and aroma. Tuber melanosporum Vittad.

Commercial presentation:

GOURMET: glass bottle with 50 ml dosing cap. Also available in 250 ml and 100 ml formats.

HORECA: PET of 2 and 5 liters.

Conservation: at room temperature. Once opened, store at room temperature as well, but tightly closed to maintain its aroma.

Storage conditions: keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight.

Estimated shelf life: 24 months from packaging.

Benefits, intolerances, and risk groups: target population: general population.

It has the benefits of olive oil, but its excessive consumption can cause gastric reflux in some people. Take in moderation if you are overweight or obese.

Allergens; no allergen intolerance.

Does not contain GMOs.

Gastronomic recommendations: Always consume raw.

Perfect for salad dressings, meat or fish carpaccio, vegetables, pasta, and cold dishes, ... A few drops transform a simple fried egg.

It is excellent on a slice of fresh or toasted bread and salt, giving rise to a delicious bruschetta, proposed as an aperitif. Delicious with mashed potatoes, transforming these timpani made with potatoes.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color: bright yellow.

Aroma: strong and persistent, with mineral notes of truffle aroma.

Taste: strong and slightly bitter. Persistent and deep black truffle flavor.

Texture: liquid.

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