Magnificent artisan cheese made with pasteurized sheep's milk and black truffle.

It has a cylindrical shape and the paste is compact in ivory color with abundant pints of black truffle that give it a special aroma and flavor. Matured fatty. Cure 20 days.

100% natural product although it has intolerance to dairy and egg.

Piece weight approximately 240 gr variable.



Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk, black truffle, salt, rennet, lactic ferments, lysozyme preservatives, and virgin olive oil on the rind.

Firm, semi-soft, hand-compacted pasta with Tuber melanosporum black truffle shavings.

Smooth and waxy bark, very fine with spots of black truffle.

Matured fatty. Cure 20 days.

Commercial Presentation: GOURMET: napkin or traditional Maestrazgo mold in a half-piece vacuum package (variable weight 240 g).

Conservation: Vacuum-closed container: Store in the refrigerator, between + 4 - 8 degrees.

Once the package is opened, keep the cut protected. Wrap the product in food-grade film and store in the refrigerator at the temperature indicated above. Consume within a period of 30 days or more.

Storage conditions: keep refrigerated at + 4ºC

Estimated shelf life: 14 months from packaging.

Benefits, intolerances and risk groups: target population: general population except infants and those allergic to milk and eggs.

Allergens: has intolerance to milk and its derivatives and to eggs.

Does not contain GMOs.

Gastronomic recommendations: To consume alone. It can be added to salads, pasta, risotto, pizza, gratins, ...

Use recommendation: for consumption, it is recommended to extract the plastic packaging piece under vacuum and leave it at room temperature for at least one hour before consuming it. Optimum consumption temperature 16ºC

Organoleptic characteristics:

Pasta: compacted by hand. Firm and semi-soft with black truffle shavings.

Very thin crust with black truffle spots.

Color: straw yellow.

Aroma: soft, spicy, sweet, balanced and assembled with truffle.

Flavor: aromatic acidity, hints of dried fruit and subtle black truffle base.

Texture: firm and semi-soft with small mechanical eyes.

Pairing: cava and barrel-fermented champagne.

Intensity: soft / medium

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