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Intense balsamic vinegar from the Northern Region of Italy with a black truffle aroma.

It does not contain gluten although it does contain sulfites, typical of vinegar. Acidity 6%.


Long stainless-steel truffle grater with ergonomic handle


This kitchen utensil is perfect for grating truffles. The very fine zest obtained with this grater is used to prepare the best truffle dishes, enhancing its flavor and aroma. It can also be used to grate other foods such as hard cheeses, citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, ...


Its fine zest is very appropriate for a pasta dish, some eggs with potatoes or a cream of mushrooms.


Hand wash and dry well recommended.


Delicious sheets of black truffle Tuber melanosporum to accompany your plate. The extra virgin olive oil that accompanies the sheets is an excellent truffled oil.

Product without preservatives or dyes and gluten-free.


Extraordinary extra virgin olive oil with the aroma of Tartufo Bianco, the white truffle of Piedmont, the Tuber magnatum Pico.

Its elaboration process is traditional, as the people of yesteryear did, squeezing the juice of the olives in the mill in cold, without haste and with a good work at each step.

Its beautiful presentation makes it ideal for a gift at an event or celebration


Black truffle, Tuber melanosporum Vittad. selected at its optimum point of maturation, crushed and packaged in its own juice.


Transform your dishes just adding the purest mountain salt with notes of black truffle.

Ideal for seasoning fried potatoes, meat, and fish on the grill or on the grill.


Stainless steel truffle laminator with adjustable blade.


It is a utensil of high quality and resistance to corrosion, and its beautiful design makes it appropriate to take out to the table and laminate the truffle in front of your family or your guests.


It can also be used to laminate other foods such as chocolate, make cheese flakes or laminate small amounts of vegetables.


It is recommended to wash by hand and dry very well.