Stainless steel truffle laminator with adjustable blade.


It is a utensil of high quality and resistance to corrosion, and its beautiful design makes it appropriate to take out to the table and laminate the truffle in front of your family or your guests.


It can also be used to laminate other foods such as chocolate, make cheese flakes or laminate small amounts of vegetables.


It is recommended to wash by hand and dry very well.


Este laminador de trufa es el utensilio idóneo, por su calidad y belleza,  para sacar a la mesa y laminar la trufa delante de tu familia y comensales.

El laminador de trufa también es útil para laminar chocolate, hacer lascas de queso y laminar pequeñas cantidades de verduras. 

Se recomienda lavar a mano y secar muy bien.

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