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Craft beer with a complex aroma of black truffle. BLONDE ALE style, of moderate intensity and fresh flavor, round, balanced, without aftertaste and with strong nuances of black truffle.

Product with gluten.

50cl bottle to share. Alc. 5.5% vol. Color 9 Ebc. Bitterness: 23 Ibu´s.

Drink slightly cold.


This cream liqueur is made with two clearly differentiated notes: "La Tinença de Benifassà" truffle and milk cream, which give the distillate a unique color, texture, and flavor.

An original blend to offer a unique sensory experience to nature, with flavor, aroma and texture of wet earth, fungi, fallen leaves, in short, autumn.

Alcoholic graduation 15 degrees and a sugar content of 180 gr / liter.

Serve very cold between 3 and 8º C

A great gift idea